Investment Immigration: A Pure, Unadulterated Freedom

In this day and age, the ability to move freely is gaining momentum in every aspect of our existence. Whether as family members or businesspersons, we should all have the freedom to choose the places we’d like to call our home. This is where GO CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT takes the stage, helping high net worth investors become not only respected members of the global community, but also its future leaders.

Our citizenship-by-investment and permanent residence programs are aimed at ensuring a prosperous future for high-net-worth individuals and their families. Having the know-how, vast experience and a continuously expanding network of partners, we offer high-end, personalized services to our clientele with a desire to live in a better world.

The Undeniable Perks for HNW Investors

High-net-worth investors enjoy INCREASED MOBILITY with a freedom to travel to almost every corner of the globe, which is tremendously important both for their private lives and business operations.

With an increased standard of living, premium education and healthcare, social progress, raised environmental consciousness, and sustainable development, the QUALITY OF LIFE of our clients reaches new peaks.

Stunningly positive effects of an alternative citizenship on taxation, retirement and succession planning provide HNW investors with CONSIDERABLE FINANCIAL BENEFITS.

Rejoicing in different freedoms, which is particularly important for the people coming from politically unstable regions, our clientele sees what UTMOST SECURITY really means.

Our commitment

GO CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT is fully dedicated to finding all the necessary information and developing efficient mechanisms to ensure that high- and ultra-net-worth clients and their loved ones opt for the program that best suits their needs. To this end, we are permanently devoted to:

  • keeping up-to-date with all the relevant legislations in the countries encompassed by our attractive programs;
  • expanding a global reach by upgrading our partner network to deliver excellence to high net worth investors around the globe;
  • offering a realistic country-by-country comparison of all the important aspects that determine the selection of the right investment immigration program;
  • making the complex application procedure much simpler and stress-free, from the very start to the successful completion, by working closely together both with our partners and the relevant authorities;
  • building a strong, long-term relationship with all the HNW individuals we work with, seeing them not only as our clients, but also as true friends.

Making the right choice

In order to find the most suitable investment program, there are several important questions each of our clients has to answer, as the net worth, contribution amount, preferred investment type and desired speed of the whole process. Once we have obtained the required input from HNW investors, out team of experts will analyze it in detail and present each client with a shortlist of programs that best correspond to the gathered information. After this, we’ll work alongside our clients to provide all the required feedback to further refine the search, which will ensure the optimal program selection, one that is the perfect match for all the needs and objectives of a particular HNW investor.