GO Citizenship by Investment New Leaders Scholarship 

As a company that firmly believes that becoming a global citizen is simply a must in this rapidly changing world, both in the context of private life and business ventures, GO Citizenship by Investment empowers individuals and their families to reside whenever they please and move without any obstacles. Our vast experience in the field of investment immigration services makes this much job easier.

Investment programs offered by our company place a strong emphasis on corporate responsibility and perpetual education about the importance of global citizenship. Creating a world without boundaries in the near future would be impossible without a number of passionate individuals dedicated to this cause. For this reason, we’ve come up with the GO Citizenship by Investment New Leaders Scholarship to motivate students around the world to take part in positive change.

Value and Duration

GO Citizenship by Investment will award one selected candidate with a $1,000 scholarship every year, for the next four years. The closing date for each year will be December 31st.


Regardless of their geographic location, we welcome all students to apply provided that they meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be enrolled as students (undergraduate or graduate) at an accredited educational institution
  2. They must have completed at least one full year at this institution.
  3. They must have an interest in the concept of global citizenship.

Selection Process

GO Citizenship by Investment New Leaders Scholarship will be awarded to the best candidate who:

  • demonstrates a high level of dedication to the chosen field of studies.
  • has a keen interest in the global community and enjoys being an active part of it.
  • addresses all the segments of the essay with clarity, persuasiveness, creativity and insight, uses recent data and trends, and offers clear examples.

How to Apply?

Students should apply via email to scholarships@gocitizenships.com, with the subject “Your Name – New Leaders Scholarship Application.” The email should include:

  1. A cover letter (300 words maximum). This letter should briefly introduce the student (educational background, skills, experiences and any other relevant information we should know about them).
  2. A 1.200-word response to this question: What does the global community mean to you?

Terms and Conditions

We have put this scholarship into place to recognize new leaders studying in all fields, and our financial help should expand upon the talents of these talented individuals within the global community. This scholarship is 100% free and incurs no charges. The winning essays will be posted on our blog and social network pages.