Our Story

We at GO Citizenship by Investment believe that becoming a global citizen is a must in this rapidly changing world, both in the context of business ventures and private life. That is why we make it possible for individuals and their families to reside whenever they please and move without any obstacles. Our vast experience in the field of investment immigration services makes this much job easier.


Insisting on building strong long-term relationships with our clients, we base our investment citizenship and permanent residence programs on rock-solid liaisons with government officials, financial and legal professionals, and consultants, always finding the best practices for attaining continuous, highly effective industry governance.


Programs offered by our company place an emphasis on corporate responsibility and perpetual education about the importance of global citizenship and residence, which makes them a logical, sustainable choice for high net worth investors worldwide. For this reason, we see our clients as the true leaders of the future world without boundaries.


What puts GO Citizenship by Investment in the pole position is the fact that the global scope of our operations involves partner networks in all countries offered in our investor programs, and beyond. Comprised of licensed international financial advisory, banking, investment and asset management consulting specialist, these networks are created to fully meet all the needs of global citizens.


Our personalized approach is tailored to cater for the needs of every individual aspiring to gain increased mobility through investment citizenship or permanent residence. Following the best industry practices and championing a constructing dialogue, we employ all the available resources to provide outstanding services to all our clients, setting new standards in so doing.


We see all our clients and their families as prosperous, thriving citizens of the world, having a level of choices raised to a whole new level and driving positive change.



To form and nurture highly successful, prolific long-term client relationships based on trust by permanently striving to develop simple yet efficient advisory solutions for all the complexities that investment immigration involves.      



To be globally acknowledged as a trusted investment immigration consulting agency that provides high-end services to the persons who want to move and do their business without boundaries.



Accomplishing our mission would be impossible without a set of clearly defined values that shape our continuous development and growth.  Here is what we stand for:

  • Client comes first: Our dedicated, fully personalized high-end service focuses on the individual needs and aspirations of each and every of our clients, providing unparalleled experience.
  • Healthy rapport: We believe that confidentiality, transparency, open-mindedness, trust and profound understanding should be at the core of every successful, long-term business relationship.
  • Passion and determination: We are always ready to go the extra mile to do things right.
  • Forward thinking: We have the ability to look beyond the current state of affairs and develop strategies and mechanisms for achieving unmatched financial outcomes for our clientele in the long run.
  • Social responsibility: We feel that the goals of our actions should go beyond the maximization of profit, seeking to leverage business for a more just and sustainable world.